The Upcoming Feathercoin (FTC) Pump!

I don’t post much anymore because the information that I’ve given for free is already invaluable for anyone willing to take the time to read it. Thousands of people are taking advantage of my free information every day, and making lots of money.

There have been insane profits to alt traders from the BTC boom, as well as the astronomical gains from DGB, LTC, and ETH. At this point, thousands of dollars should be child’s play to you.

Let’s say you haven’t been following my simple advice of buying low, waiting, and selling high; you probably have been caught with your pants down a few times. Don’t let that happen this time.

Place your FTC buys below 1500 Satoshi. The Feathercoin halving is scheduled to happen by July 7th. Place your FTC sells above 3000 Satoshi. Thank me later.



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