Potcoin Pump Update – 4167% in 4 months


Well, I was certainly wrong about my selling advice at the end of my post yesterday.

Potcoin has pumped another 200% to reach a whopping 4000 satoshi. This is a gain of 4167% in 4 months.

I am not upset I sold early, I made gains of 1500% and cashed out. In the end I could have made double but I still made a lot.

This is a fascinating case study in the true heights a coin can reach in the ultimate excitement of how it keeps going up. As long as people keep making money, people will keep buying. It’s the perfect storm of greed.

When the fear hits it will be extreme. The price will plummet all at once and everyone who is left holding the bag will ask themselves “why didn’t I sell?”
Honestly, if you’re still holding at this point, you’re gambling with a fortune. Do yourself a favor and cash out.


3 thoughts on “Potcoin Pump Update – 4167% in 4 months

  1. This pump brings back the memory of GMC pump. Exactly went the same way, went up a total of 100X in a month or two, now up 200X.

    These are examples of perfect pumps


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