Anticipating the Next Big Move

In crypto, the only time things happen, is when things are happening.

This is kind of confusing, so I’ll break it down. In order to make consistent gains every week, you have to be leveraged enough across several “picks” that look like they will be making big gains soon. You have to remember that you’ll never be the instigator for a large price increase. Unless you are suddenly putting 100 BTC+ into a random altcoin, you’ll never be the reason it pumps.

You have to simply take advantage of other people’s pumping work. It’s easier than worrying about how you’ll “make” the price go up eventually.

What I mean by “things are happening,” is that there is a large group of the dumbest traders that are simply following where the volume is on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis. These traders contribute a massive amount of additional volume to a pump, as they try to “get in and get out” on the way up. These are usually the ones left holding the bag, along with that coin’s “true believers” that will blame every pump on market conditions and every dump on manipulation.

In order to take advantage of the times that things are happening, you must keep a level head at all times. You must identify coins that have a large potential to pump.  You must be patient. Most of all, you must be willing to put money in to get money out!
The only times in this market when things change, is when things are really changing. Watch for people tricked into believing big changes are happening.


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