Have Some Balls


It takes strength to say “I’m willing to lose a Bitcoin on this trade if this coin goes south.” It also takes money to make money.

When coins are seeing 500%-1500% gains regularly, it doesn’t make sense to ‘play it safe’. Buying with fractions of a Bitcoin doesn’t make any sense. When a coin drops it drops all at once. You must have a buy order placed or you will not fill or accumulate at the lowest levels possible.

Again, I will use LTC as my example:

Currently, Litecoin is seeing daily declines in its accumulation range. If there is a sudden dump, the market will immediately recover. The only way to pick up coins around .0056-.0058 for the next few months will be to have buy orders there *now*.
You will only make money if you can put real skin into these markets. When a coin is in a cycle of pumping, you must take advantage of that. Certain coins pump every three months like clockwork. Picking up large amounts when “everyone else” is selling is key to making money again and again.


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