State of Dogecoin: September 21th, 2016

State of Dogecoin:

Days since launch on December 8th, 2013: 1,018 days
Coins in circulation: 106,112,417,162 DOGE
Inflation: 4.7% (5 Billion DOGE per year)
Current price: 38/39 satoshi
Marketcap: 41,150 BTC
Days since most recent high on January 23rd, 2016 (137 Satoshi): 242 days
Days since most recent accumulation began on July 21st, 2016: 62 days

There’s not much to say about the remains of the dogecoin community. Goodshibe has stopped his daily posts for months now, and he was the remaining “true believer” for many months after the dogecoin community on reddit had died. There are still 2000 unique pageviews per day on the dogecoin subbreddit, small compared to the 75k subscriber base.

Trading is still active in the 200 BTC+ per day volume range. This means good things for traders buying big in DOGE right now, as any pump will see a minor resurgence in community, and profit for those selling to those “last minute” buyers.

People have mostly forgotten that the moolah founder was accused of rape by 5 different women, and that means dogecoin is almost clear of its negative associations. With a clear inflation schedule and a significant accumulation by big holders over the last 2 months, dogecoin has some interesting months ahead. I expect a Christmas pump, with possible pushes in the meantime. For now, DOGE is a buy at 38 sat!


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