The upcoming Cannabiscoin (CANN) Pump

Like all pumps, this one is many weeks in the making. This one is especially unique because accumulation has been a slow rise from 182 satoshi to the current price constriction at ~400 sat. This unique circumstance provides a volatile atmosphere, with very low day-to-day volume and a shameful order book in both directions.

There could be steady price increases for weeks or a sharp increase at any time. However, it is clear that competitive accumulation for CANN is very alive.

Specific signs that Cannabiscoin is ready for a great ride:

✓ For a 50% increase in price, only 5 more BTC are needed.

✓ For a 100% increase in price, less than 9 BTC are needed

✓ There has been an incredibly competitive accumulation period; since June 13th 2016. Starting at 182 satoshi and eventually reaching around 400 satoshi today.

✓ It trades below 1000 Satoshi with a total supply in the millions, so massive percentage increases are easier to manufacture by PnD groups. When it’s easy to acquire percentages of a currency, it’s easier to corner the market. Some math on this: Cannabiscoin has a total  available supply of 77,230,532. At 400 sat, it only takes 3.2 BTC to acquire 800,000 CANN, more than 1% of the total currency.

✓ It has been steadily increasing in price  during the last two months, constricting the order book supply even further.

✓ An awesome percentage of the total coins have been dumped on the market at this point. Most people still holding are traders interested in making a lot of money. This will be an interesting few weeks for CANN.

Normally, orderbook readings can be written off as insignificant due to their unreliable nature. However, the general availability of Cannabiscoin in the sub-1000-satoshi range has been rapidly decreasing with time. The orderbook readings are simply a reflection of that.

I recommend placing buy orders based on the competitive environment. For now, 45% of your BTC for this pump should be placed between 370-400 sat. 45% of your BTC for this pump should be placed between 330-369 satoshi. 10% of your BTC for this pump should be around ~320 satoshi.  If you have immediate buy interest, make sure you do not buy more than .05 BTC every 12 hours. This should allow you to keep a level head and maintain a safe accumulation in this very low-volume market.

I recommend putting in a maximum of 3.5 BTC into this trade, and eventually expect between 300-1000% gains.



6 thoughts on “The upcoming Cannabiscoin (CANN) Pump

    1. There is competitive accumulation happening. It is impossible to predict lows. during the next few days, as excitement about my post fades, there is a good chance that the coin will return to accumulation between 300-400 satoshi. Almost all orders between 400-500 satoshi should fill.

      Of course, there’s always a chance that my saying this negates that chance because this is public advice.


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