What is accumulating an Altcoin?

In order to understand gains in the market, you have to think extremely long-term. I once read that you want to be buying coats in bulk in the summer, so that you can sell them for profit one-at-a-time when they are in demand in the winter.

Much like the coats, you want to be buying when coins are trading at a consistent low for a long time. Usually, this is when a coin is extremely low volume, so acquiring a significant amount of it is difficult. It takes time. You must observe the day-to-day lows and place your buys so that they fill, over time.

Eventually, you can “baghold” almost 2-5 BTC worth of your chosen “shitcoin.” This is in preparation for the big gains that are almost certain in every coin that has the appropriate setup. I recently predicted a Burstcoin pump that could have netted over 500% if the selling and buying was timed correctly. It takes time, however; I was observing the changes in Burstcoin for over a year in order to understand how the orderbooks were changing in favor of the pump.

This accumulation process is difficult and you often have fierce competition with bots and whales that also want to accumulate large amounts of coin at cheap prices. Remember that the market is an ebb and flow of money,  and smart traders are always catching the wave.



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