The upcoming Burstcoin (BURST) Pump

There are very few coins that I am certain are going to have some big gains soon, but BURST coin is one of them. This is knowledge to share with the community and to give myself a better reputation. I hold less than .5 BTC worth of Burstcoin.

There are several strong indications that Burstcoin is going to have a pump soon:

✓ For a 10% increase in price, only .5 more BTC are needed

✓ For a 100% increase in price, less than 10 BTC are needed

✓ There has been an incredibly long accumulation period; since June 2015

✓ It trades below 100 Satoshi, so massive percentage increases are easier to manufacture by PnD groups.

✓ It has been steadily increasing in price and volume during the last two months, constricting the supply even further.

My graph shows a Bollinger Band overlay, and as you can see, the coin has been above the median since the gains started. There is clear volume and buy interest going into this coin, this will soon be reflected in a massive increase in price.


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