Learn the basics

This website will help cover the basics of accumulating and making whopping amounts of money using altcoins as a vehicle.

My understanding of a background in trading SPY, and over two years of altcoin trading experience, provide a unique perspective on what to expect from the pumping and dumping(what’s actually “greed and panic”) that is so prevalent in increasing wealth using the altcoin markets. I’m sharing my knowledge to increase the overall wealth of the intelligent and patient people who understand that no single speculative tool is better than another.

All boats come up on a rising sea.





3 thoughts on “Learn the basics

    1. When I was accumulating a specific coin (which I won’t mention here, since it’s a scamcoin now) it was only trading on Bittrex. Also, a coin that I am currently accumulating actually has the highest liquidity/volume on Bittrex.


  1. Is that because it’s not on Poloniex? I can’t seem to find any coins that have better liquidity on Bittrex compared to Poloniex. Trying to Sherlock Holmes your accumulatee 😉
    I caught the Burst wave. Bought at 31, still hodling. As I research more I found that people had an idea the pump was coming because loads of new wallets were being made. And then when they put out the info of being able to mine on phones it was like lighting the fire. You really need to be on the forums keeping your finger on the pulse of coins to get a feel if it’s a good project and when they’ve got a chance of going on a pump.


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